February, 2016
Monday, February, 1, 2016 | Scott Stadelhofer
Analytics: The New Term for Metrics
Tags: Data Analytics, Business Intelligence
Analytics is an area that is often dealt with differently than other disciplines. The many advances in managing data and analytics in recent years has given rise to virtually a whole new field of study known as Data Analytics (DA), the science of the systematic computational analysis of data or statistics. Webster defines analytics as “the method of logical analysis.“
Monday, February, 1, 2016 | Michael Murray
Benefits of an Enterprise Release Cadence
Tags: release cadence
Before discussing the benefits of an enterprise release cadence, it is crucial to define it. A release cadence, at the product level, is the implementation of a recurring schedule of software releases for that product. This could be on a quarterly, monthly, or more frequent basis, although, as frequency increases, it approaches continuous deployment and is no longer a cadence. Although desirable for some, continuous deployment is not always feasible; it requires a fully automated push to production and some organizations require formal acceptance before this final step. A release cadence is predictable, allowing developers, operations staff, and end users to know when to expect the next release. A large organization, which supports many software products, may maintain overlapping release cadences, interweaving releases for different applications into an overall enterprise release cadence.
Monday, February, 1, 2016 | Lew Williams
Platform Migration Requires “Four Thoughts” and Agility
Tags: Windows
On July 14, 2015, Microsoft Corp. ended its support of Windows Server 2003 software. For organizations that strive to stay current with technology products, that day simply came and went like any other day. Why was that? Because if your organization stays current with technology products, then, no doubt, you had already updated to either Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2012. On the other hand, if your organization has been putting off tackling the headache of Windows platform migration, you may very well be in no man’s land.