May, 2015

Friday, May, 1, 2015 | Alex Silva
Angles of Exposure and Countermeasures
Tags: Cyber Security, Social Media, Big Data
[T]he increasing sophistication of outside cyber attacks has been met with advancements in outside cyber threat detection, response tools, and training methods. Still, managers must not underestimate the critical threat posed by individuals within the organization, as opposed to a third party attacker. This danger is known as insider threat...The insider threat application of social media analytics takes two primary forms. First, organizations can monitor employees’ social pages for overtly negative or threatening attitudes and behaviors toward the organization. With social content often shared publicly and made searchable, managers can easily discover an employee’s negative opinions of an organization with a simple search engine query or by using more powerful web monitoring tools...Insider threat has become and will remain a major concern for organizations of all sizes. Given the distinctively human quality of insider threat, there will always be a measure of unpredictability. However, with diligent implementation of a thought-out strategy, an organization can ensure maximum information security and avoid becoming its “own worst enemy.”
Friday, May, 1, 2015 | Adam McNair, Ken McCreary
Bringing Mobility to the Mission
Tags: Mobility, federal government
In the federal space, the mission is driving mobility....In our personal lives, we want our devices to work easily and to share our data across devices....The full mobile ecosystem can be fully secure now. From FIPS 140 encryption on data at rest to data transmitted over the air, we can be confident that data are protected. Moreover, with detailed geolocation-based business rules enabled on a mobile device manager, a device can be fully erased if it is lost, stolen, or taken outside of an approved area... Devices that work and meet mission needs become devices that we depend on for results, safety, and protection of officer lives. Those devices are not just used in lab environments. Today’s mission-deployed mobile devices must stand up to the elements.
Friday, May, 1, 2015 | Stuart Gavurin, Todd Budnikas
Mobile Solutions: When to Go Web, When to Go Native, Part II
Tags: Mobile, federal government, Websites
Mobile technology is undeniably an integral part of our lives today. Still, the question remains as to whether mobile solutions should be delivered through web-oriented technology or through apps that are native to the device....[M]obile solutions started out as glorified music players with games that could also take phone calls, they now can tell first-responders where to find you, redirect you so you go the fastest route, let you know where your friend is standing in the stadium, alert you of inclement weather, adjust your calendar for the time zone you’ve just entered, help you put a painting on your wall, or let you make a video call. They are no longer just a page viewer or music player....There are a number of utility apps that provide incredibly useful functionality only because they take full advantage of the native device’s capability.
Friday, May, 1, 2015 | Dr. Linda Miller
Truth About Transformation, Part II: How Far Is It from Here to "Transformed"?
Tags: IT Transformation
Transformation demands that an organization match its business conduct with the New Millennium Era business paradigm. To do this, it must unlearn some of its knowledge before attempting to transform. The first article in this series discussed how to tell if an initiative is indeed a transformation or just a regular change....Regardless of how much change management business leaders employ, there is a lingering insistence that work follow a machine-like pathway....Furthermore, the real depth of complexity of the “organism” organization is only evident when leaders begin to consider making changes. When it comes to transformative change, the magnitude is exponential....Ascertaining the depth and nature of the journey can be very useful. Not only does this mindset enable one to prepare for a total transformation, it also adds a degree of predictability among all the unknowns that typically accompany transformative change.
Friday, May, 1, 2015 | Reed Racette
Casual Attire
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