November, 2014
Saturday, November, 1, 2014 | Lou Kerestesy
Creating a Space for Innovation
Tags: innovation
Say the word innovation, and technology comes easily to mind. Advanced analytics, data visualization, nanotechnology… There’s no end, and the possibilities are game changing. However, innovation also involves adjustments to an organization’s business model. These changes center upon the way an organization is structured and operates to deliver on its mission.
Saturday, November, 1, 2014 | Chris Coker
Total Cost of Ownership A macro approach to understanding cost throughout the system lifecycle
Tags: Capital Planning
“Which is more expensive: Technology X or Technology Y?” You may have heard this question before. The proper answer greatly depends on who is asking. Why is this?
Saturday, November, 1, 2014 | Assad Moini
DevOps: Organizational Change is in Order
Tags: DevOps
An extension of Agile software development, DevOps is a technocultural mindset that emphasizes seamless collaboration among all stakeholders participating in development, deployment, and delivery of enterprise-level applications and IT services.
Saturday, November, 1, 2014 | Ashequl Hoque
When it Comes to Leadership, It’s the Approach that Matters
Tags: Leadership
The most effective leaders and organizations recognize that achievements and triumphs are dependent upon the strength of their people, processes, and programs. Effective leaders are able to glean valuable insight from these three elements. They understand the imperative to develop and leverage their unique ambit, or sphere of influence, to drive organizational success at all levels.