August, 2015
Saturday, August, 1, 2015 | Ross Byczek
Maximizing (and Understanding) DevOps With the Cloud
Tags: DevOps
DevOps and Cloud are two of the hottest topics in the Government IT sector these days. Many agencies/offices are working to get DevOps implemented and their Cloud strategies finalized and deployed. Unfortunately, these are both often misunderstood and missed opportunities to derive efficiencies from the combination of these two knowledge areas are near-universal. However, that doesn’t mean it has to continue this w - See more at:
Saturday, August, 1, 2015 | William Sutherland
The Five Major Activities to Initiating an Agile Scrum Project
Tags: Agile, Scrum
At GovermentCIO, we have spent several years mentoring government project managers on how to move from a Waterfall methodology into an Agile methodology. After conducting many mentoring sessions, we found that government project managers are excited to move into an Agile environment. As with all transitions, there are some standard issues that occur. By emphasizing Agile’s major activities throughout the transition process, teams can minimize such problems. This article outlines the top five recurring tasks that we experienced over the past few years.