December, 2014
Monday, December, 1, 2014 | Peter Gouldmann
Operationalizing Risk Management: Driving Action Through Alignment
Tags: Risk Management
“We know there are risks, and we are prepared to accept them.” What’s wrong with this statement? Several of us would say nothing is wrong with it. Here is an organization official making a decision, appearing to have given thoughtful consideration to the risks associated with an intended project, initiative, or venture. How can that be bad?
Monday, December, 1, 2014 | Marc Berman
In Today’s IT Channel, Finding People with the Right Tech Skills is Just the Beginning
Tags: Human Capital
Recently, I was having lunch with the CEO of an IT security company, and we were talking about what she really needs in IT staff. “Let me tell you what I don’t need,” she said. “I don’t need somebody who will work 9:00 to 5:00 and go home thinking that his or her day is done. I don’t need somebody who is going to hide behind a computer. What I do need are people who will give everything they have to my company and my end clients.”
Monday, December, 1, 2014 | Richard Spires
Large-Scale Program Acquisition – The Partnership Needed for Success
Tags: Program Management
There are many facets to delivering a complex program, whether it be revamping a mission-oriented operation to address new regulations, acquiring custom-built hardware assets such as aircraft, or delivering an IT system. When I am involved in establishing a new large-scale, complex IT program or assessing the health of an ongoing program, I address five key elements. Each is critically important, and if any one of them is not being addressed appropriately, risk increases significantly and can lead to outright program failure.
Monday, December, 1, 2014 | Jean Schultz
Still Doing It the Old-Fashioned Way
Tags: biometric technology
Veterans Affairs (VA), Department of Defense (DOD) and other federal departments and agencies continue, as they have for years, to use some form of paper or plastic identification cards to grant access to their major installations and facilities. Most rely on a security guard to visually authenticate the credential, determine “fitness” to enter the installation, and grant or deny access appropriately. According to installation commanders, this “flash pass” method, still widely used at many installations, must be completed within 6-10 seconds to expedite traffic flow and prevent inconvenience to entrants.
Monday, December, 1, 2014 | Karen Coker
Guiding the Enterprise
Tags: Project Management
Who isn’t looking for the next hot productivity tool these days? In an age where innumerable, multiplatform productivity applications are designed to streamline, improve, and optimize your life, your business, or your processes, finding the magic do-it-all bullet is difficult if not downright impossible.
Monday, December, 1, 2014 | Omar Quintero
Virtual Desktop (VDI) As a Solution to Refresh an Aging IT Infrastructure
Tags: Infrastructure
Each year, Information Technology (IT) organizations seek to implement solutions that will reduce cost and improve service to their end users. Within this context, the experiences and benefits received from “Server Virtualization” efforts have clearly demonstrated the value of virtualization as a shared resources approach in IT services management.