September, 2014
Monday, September, 1, 2014 | Jonathan Rick
Why IT Needs to Learn Social Media
Tags: Social Media
People are lazy. Web publishers are no exception. When they install social-sharing buttons, all too often they leave the default settings in place.
Monday, September, 1, 2014 | Mark Harris
Exposing IT Value to the Business
Tags: Technology Strategy
The IT industry is currently going through an amazing transformation. Whereas most long term IT professionals have spent their entire careers creating and supporting increasingly complex IT structures with the primary metrics being availability and uptime, the new CIO mantra has become service delivery at the right cost. In effect, CIOs are formalizing many of their previous efforts and creating service products that can be delivered upon request, with a keen understanding about the costs incurred to deliver those services.
Monday, September, 1, 2014 | James Phillips
DCOT, A Different Way for IT Planning
Tags: Acquisition
Every IT project has a beginning and an end, regardless of whether the work is being done by a contractor or in-house. In order to build a plan for these projects, we must use a project management process. The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), which is currently the most popular process in use, is built like Swiss cheese; it contains lots of holes.
Monday, September, 1, 2014 | David Yang
Customer Experience Management and Why It Matters
Tags: CRM
You will often hear words like “love” and “fortunate” when speaking to one of the over 6 million members of the United Services Automobile Association (USAA) about their experiences with the company. USAA is a member-owned Fortune 500 company that has provided members of the military and their families with insurance, banking, investment, and financial services for over 90 years.