October, 2014
Wednesday, October, 1, 2014 | Jai Singhal
Agile: The Result of Lateral Thinking
Tags: Agile
Agile methodologies are defying some of the well-established rules in the software development industry. For decades, industry leaders have been establishing software development and management processes. However, recent reports from Standish Group, which defined the majority of projects as failures, shook the industry. Per their data, multimillion dollar development projects have only a 6.4% chance of success, with a 41.4% chance of failure.
Wednesday, October, 1, 2014 | Robert Davis
Dimensions of Work
Tags: Organizational change
CIOs, like all managers, are faced with juggling multiple decisions each day. They do not have the luxury of time when assessing complex issues that cross technological, budgetary, social, and political boundaries. In a chaotic decision-making environment, the people who perform work may inadvertently be taken for granted. Considering that employees are just one of many dimensions of work, it is understandable that CIOs struggle to take into account all relevant factors when making decisions based upon conflicting factors.
Wednesday, October, 1, 2014 | Tom Termini
What is the Best Approach to Getting Started with the Cloud?
Tags: Cloud
As a new fiscal year opens, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) know cloud computing is a good option to leverage limited budgets, changing agency goals, and compressed information technology (IT) resources. Stakeholder desire for ubiquitous computing, bring-your-own-device, and the demands for telework are other factors that may drive adoption of the Cloud model. But what is the best approach in moving to the Cloud?
Wednesday, October, 1, 2014 | Brenda Blackman
From Military Uniform to Business Suit: 7 Tips for Being a Successful Leader in the Civilian World
Tags: Organizational change
Change is inevitable, especially if you are transitioning from a military career into the civilian world. Whether you are comfortable with the idea or find it daunting, moving into a civilian leadership role can be a challenge that reaps many rewards in your new career.
Wednesday, October, 1, 2014 | Pierre Monacelli
Getting Results and Action from Business Planning
Tags: Technology Strategy
Many organizations have limited success with business planning, whether they are generating a strategic plan, business plan, or “go-to-market” strategy. In most cases, these efforts unfortunately become shelfware rather than being leveraged as leadership tools to set direction, drive action, and measure performance. This is usually the result of one or both of the following conditions:
Wednesday, October, 1, 2014 | Tim Stanton
Making Metrics Matter
Tags: Metrics
Today’s economic landscape creates new challenges for federal organizations to minimize costs and maximize project quality. The news is often full of stories about federal projects overrun with costs and achieving few intended deliverables. Regardless of which federal organization is involved, project delays and functional failures are often the result.