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Saturday, February, 1, 2014
Interview with Rod Turk, CISO, Commerce
Wednesday, January, 1, 2014
Interview with Cheryl Cook, CIO, USDA
Tuesday, April, 1, 2014 | Christopher O'Connell
More Government Innovation= Less Traditional Application Development
Tags: Application development, Agile, Federal IT
By some estimates, upwards of 70 percent of available federal IT budgets is directed toward operations and maintenance expenses tied pumping life into cumbersome ERP and custom-developed legacy applications. This comes at a time when agency O&M budgets are being reduced by as much as 80 to 85 percent. This can’t be sustained.
Tuesday, April, 1, 2014 | Meghan Tolbert, Hillary Wacks
Six Steps to Keep Your Remote Team Agile
Tags: Agile, Project Management, Federal IT
Most federal IT contractors know the basics of Agile in a typical office environment, right? Those include morning stand-ups, moving items on a physical board, sprint planning and reviews locked in a conference room, and ad-hoc meetings throughout the day. But how do you run Agile in a workplace where many workers are either virtual or can be spread out across the country or even the globe? Here are seven tips.
Tuesday, April, 1, 2014 | Bobby Caudill
Connect the Data Dots: What Fraud Detection and Cyber Security Have in Common
Tags: Cyber Security, Federal IT
Bad actors can come from anywhere. They may be an external threat with malicious intent, from a kid in a basement to a nation state. They may be internal and could have malicious intent or, they might just make an innocent mistake. Regardless, an organization can no longer assume they can successfully repel every attack and should focus on mitigating risk. There is now a reluctant acceptance that attacks are going to be successful so the ability to discover and remediate rapidly is the new way forward.
Tuesday, April, 1, 2014 | Bob Nunnally
The Three Elements to Producing Change that Soars
Tags: Organizational change, Federal IT
A new year brings with it the kickoff of new programs and new pursuits. It’s likely you’ve done your strategic planning, created a vision and settled on goals. Your team has even crafted the roadmap to get you there. Change is on the horizon for your organization! But what exactly is the fuel that sets your ideas for change into motion? To power organizational change from the drawing board to mission completion, you need to instill three essential elements into your enterprise: knowledge, ability and motivation.
Tuesday, April, 1, 2014 | Ray McDuffie
Getting Over the Cloud Jitters
Tags: Cloud, Cloud Computing, Federal IT
Not so long ago the idea of storing sensitive data in a “cloud” would have seemed preposterous, right? But as more and more organizations have migrated to this concept, it has obviously gained credibility. Still, although the benefits of cloud computing have become widely accepted across the public and private sectors, some federal CIOs still hesitate to fully embrace the cloud as a core infrastructure platform. Agency decision-makers are deterred by shrinking budgets and security and reliability concerns of mission critical apps hosted in the cloud. But as CIOs struggle to do more with less, cloud computing actually poses an opportunity to simultaneously reduce IT infrastructure costs and enhance operational efficiency.
Tuesday, April, 1, 2014 | Edsson Acevedo
Funnies- Cloud Migration
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