November, 2015
Sunday, November, 1, 2015 | Saahil Panikar
Big Data Science Is Answering the Questions You Haven't Even Thought to Ask Yet
Tags: Big Data, Data
According to Harvard Business Review, in the 21st century, there is no job sexier than that of the Data Scientist. Thousands of Data Scientists are currently hard at work in both big business and startups. All over the country, companies are using the high-powered, data-driven, and enthusiastic minds of Data Scientists to explore the world of Big Data. In our modern world, there are sources of information that have never existed. Now, companies are able to utilize an ever-increasing amount of data to better predict market trends and customer values.
Sunday, November, 1, 2015 | Scott Gould
The Velocity Trap
Tags: Agile, Scrum
Velocity is a part of Agile/Scrum and, when used correctly, is an additional way that teams can monitor their planning and have helpful insight into their work. Unfortunately, in my experience, velocity is one of the areas of Agile most often used incorrectly. Let’s look at the idea behind velocity. Velocity comes from the story points assigned to each story (piece of work within a sprint) by the team.
Sunday, November, 1, 2015 | Lew Williams
Platform Migration Requires “Four Thoughts” and Agility
Tags: Windows
On July 14, 2015, Microsoft Corp. ended its support of Windows Server 2003 software. For organizations that strive to stay current with technology products, that day simply came and went like any other day. Why was that? Because if your organization stays current with technology products, then, no doubt, you had already updated to either Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2012. On the other hand, if your organization has been putting off tackling the headache of Windows platform migration, you may very well be in no man’s land.
Sunday, November, 1, 2015 | Frank Muse, Reed Racette
Cloudy With a Chance of Audits – Some “Lessons Learned” About Security Compliance for Cloud-Based Applications
Tags: Cloud
Federal agencies are increasingly turning to cloud-hosted infrastructure and applications to fulfill their IT needs. There are many good reasons to do so. Cloud hosting apps offer potential cost savings while reducing risk of technological obsolescence because the cloud service provider (CSP) is typically responsible for platform and software upgrades. For many cloud-hosted apps, the CSP also performs the majority of the security compliance tasks. However, system owners are still ultimately responsible for security compliance. The transition to Revision 4 of NIST 800-53 addresses many new issues, and IT Security Professionals must be prepared to address these issues to ensure that cloud-hosted apps are compliant and secure.