March, 2015

Sunday, March, 1, 2015 | Mark Harris
DCIM: Exposing IT Value to the Business
Tags: innovation
The IT industry is currently experiencing an amazing transformation.... In public and private sectors alike, modern CIOs are being asked by stakeholders to define their service portfolios by publishing a specific catalog of IT services that can be purchased by internal organizations and subsequently delivered to these users in a cost-effective manner...[S]ervice catalogs establish a tight relationship between the business value of IT and the beneficial usage of IT. The service catalog is the single most objective means for describing what will be delivered, and creates a contract between the IT organization and its users.
Sunday, March, 1, 2015 | Mike Parkinson, Eric Gregory
No Trust = No Procurement Reform
Tags: Procurement, private industry, government
Why can’t we make this work? Industry and government agree that change is needed. Almost all parties agree that collaboration and effective communication is the critical first step to a better system. There must be a root cause that impedes progress.... Government generally mistrusts industry’s intentions. The perception is that industry is motivated by profit alone. Industry is seen more as sales and less as support. As a result, industry believes that the government deliberately maintains its distance and withholds information essential to conducting fair competitions and achieving successful procurements....Without trust between industry and government, there will be no significant procurement reform. Until we collectively agree and take action, we will continue to miss out on exponential benefits that result from relationship and procurement improvement.
Sunday, March, 1, 2015 | Bob Nunnally
Building a Vision That Works
Tags: Change Management, innovation
Half of all Americans have compromised vision....This time of year, many of us are busy executing a strategy we believe will usher in our organization’s future. As we measure our first quarter progress...Think about what stirs you to act in your personal life: the neighbor who needs help, the cause that must be supported, the wrong that must be overturned. When the team understands the “why,” they are better able to understand the “what” and better able to deliver the “how.” To truly align the team to the organizational vision, you must passionately craft and tirelessly share the story of “why.”
Sunday, March, 1, 2015 | Christine Cox, Susan Keys
How to Self-Fund a Communications Upgrade with Operational Savings
Tags: Infrastructure, Federal IT
Despite recent initiatives to modernize the federal infrastructure, many organizations still have aging, unreliable communication systems that are costly to maintain and unable to support modern-day mission demands....Within today’s tough fiscal environment....there simply is not enough money to make upgrades. Current IT budgets are tight, and they are getting tighter. In fact, the proposed 2015 federal budget reduces current IT spending levels by an additional $2.4 billion...The agency now has a full suite of services to support its mission, including voice mail, instant messaging, new mobility capabilities, advanced contact center capabilities, and on-demand audio, video, and web conferencing.... With a carefully staged plan, there is no need to wait for new capital dollars that may never materialize. Organizations can begin to make fundamental changes to IT operations today, benefiting themselves and their bottom line for years to come.