May, 2016
Sunday, May, 1, 2016 | Dan Rothman
Happiness is Sharing: The Benefits of Document Control and Management through SharePoint
Tags: document control, sharepoint
In 2012, Forrester Research conducted a survey of 153 IT professionals to determine their level of satisfaction with Microsoft SharePoint 2010. In a report that provides an analysis of the survey results, Forrester Research found that Microsoft SharePoint has been primarily utilized as a platform for managing business content and collaboration. When measuring satisfaction with various SharePoint functions, the report indicated that sites, collaboration, content management, and search were rated highest.
Sunday, May, 1, 2016 | Alan Balutis
Iconoclasts Push for Technology Reform
Tags: IT infastructure, IT policy
MeriTalk, a public-private partnership of senior IT experts, including former government executives, look to direct the presidential candidates’ attention to the urgent needs of technology policy in the federal government. The group released a Feb. 11 report, titled “Tech Iconoclasts—Voting for America’s Success in a Network World.” The open letter to the presidential candidates outlines five key needs in technology and innovation and recommends policies to address those needs.