July, 2015
Wednesday, July, 1, 2015 | Edsson Acevedo
How I Used Scrum to Get Through School
Tags: Scrum
While working toward my associate degree, I had the unique experience of being both a technical consultant and a college student. As a young professional who was still in college, I could learn from work experiences and directly apply those to my academic endeavors. In some cases, I was able to pass exams or write papers based on previous professional experiences as it might relate to managing teams or technical matters. However, throughout my academic career, I noticed a considerable change in how I managed to complete my syllabuses and keep myself organized.
Wednesday, July, 1, 2015 | Lew Williams
Diffing Your Microsoft SQL Server Database Structures
Tags: diffing, Microsoft, database
Why Should You Care About Diffing? Have you ever needed to determine the differences, or similarities, between two Microsoft (MS) SQL Server databases, also known as “diffing”? Does the database structure (tables, columns, views, indexes, etc.) of your production application exactly match the database structure in your Development and/or Quality Assurance (QA) application environments? You may be asking, why should I care? My application is running just fine, thank you very much!
Wednesday, July, 1, 2015 | Patrick Joggerst
From Cloud Computing to Cloud Communications: The Expansion of Efficiency, Security, and Scale through RTC Solutions for the Government Sector
Tags: cloud communication, Cloud Computing
The benefits of cloud computing, after well over a decade of development and growth, are now well-known and embraced by even the most demanding government agencies and enterprises. We know today that with the advent of a more robust and secure cloud, there is more processing power, more flexibility, and much better economics. With increasingly sophisticated integration capabilities, APIs, security solutions, and more, the decision makers who took the risk early in the era of cloud computing positioned their organizations for greater success.
Wednesday, July, 1, 2015 | Pam Walker
Connecting Government and Tech for Success in the Digital Age
Tags: private industry, Communication
Technology has transformed the federal government, allowing for greater transparency, sharing of data, improved outcomes for programs, and communication with citizens. The federal government purchases nearly $80 billion in information technology (IT) to carry out its various missions. As our society continues to experience rapid technological evolution, the federal government’s reliance on technology will only increase. To effectively modernize for the 21st century and the digital age, the government must be more open to partnering and communicating with the tech industry on its technological needs. This is necessary for the government to acquire cutting-edge innovations in the future.